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Wednesday War Room

When you can't play actual laser tag it's cool to be able to play virtual tag! I am part of the Beta test for the latest innovation from the inventor of laser tag, George Carter. It's called TZUUM and it's a tag game played using an iPhone. In this phase we're getting to play against other players up to 2500 miles away! This is a really fun game that involves targeting missiles of different power levels and distances to strike against an opponent that could be anywhere within the range of the scan. So this past week they announced Wednesday War Room with prizes to incentivize playing during a scheduled window of game time. I was ready to go. Strategizing and targeting through 16 games (I played every game of the night) I won nine of them and topped my previous best score by reaching 182 points. It is an adrenaline pumping game when other competitive players get in the mix. Even my little Leon wanted to be part of the action.

And if you want to be part of this as well there are still some opportunities available. Check out and get into the game!

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