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Office Tag

Anybody who stuck around my office past 5:00 tonight got quite a show as Spencer and Ethan (the IT guys) and I tested out some laser tag equipment throughout the building.

I wanted to try out the new home laser tag game units that I bought the other night. While I was out shopping I stumbled upon these intriguing boxes...

"Laser Tag Battle Weapon" is an infrared laser tag blaster with a built-in integrated target that can sync up with multiple other game units for a mobile game of laser tag anywhere you want to play. I actually found these at Five Below and for the investment of only $5.00 per unit it seemed like a pretty good value. So I bought a few to try out.

They came in red and blue with a thumb trigger on one side, LED lights and sound effects.

Unlike a traditional laser tag phaser these slide over the hand with a handle grip. To start the game players would have to aim their sensors at the other units and press the reset button. We successfully did this with multiple blasters at once.

Spencer and Ethan played the first round against each other...

You can take five shots before needing to reload ammo using a button on the top of the unit. Sound effects indicate a successful tag as well as when a reload is needed. Each player can be hit up to six times before all lives are depleted and the three LED lights indicate number of lives with each one flashing on the first hit and going out on the second, so once all three lights go out that player is out of the game.

I was looking forward to trying this out myself!

I've got to say I was really impressed with these game units. They were an exceptional value for the price, had some decent features to make for a good game and they were a lot of fun. Based on this first experience I would highly recommend!

One of our coworkers took notice and so this round of random office laser tag landed in his vlog too...

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