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Bye Bye Barski's, Hello GlowTron

I didn't actually get to play tag this weekend. I had planned to go on Friday...then the center closed early due to bad weather. I was busy doing the sound for a show in Corning all of Saturday and on Sunday I figured I'd either detour by way of Rochester for some Tron (but the temperatures were so cold I thought better of driving that far out of my way) or visit Barski's when I passed back through Ithaca on my way home. However, when I got there I learned that it was no longer Barski's...there is new ownership and it is now GlowTron Laser Runners.

Now, don't let the new name fool you. This is not a Tron center. This site still uses Lazer Runner. I had not been here in about a year, so I missed the fact that a transition had taken place. I didn't get to play because I walked in alone on a quiet Sunday afternoon while a group was finishing up their last game, however this gave me an opportunity to have a nice chat with Steven, the new owner, and he shared a few interesting things about his future plans for the business. First he told me that he intends to increase the size of the current arena by extending it out into the lobby space. I think that will certainly make a big difference as the existing arena is quite small and built inside an area that was once a clothing store (an Abercrombie I think?) so some expansion would definitely help improve the space that he took over inside the mall. However, I'm more excited because he told me about his other plans to open a second location with a significantly larger arena and run some tournaments and special event/theme nights. This is great news and I hope to see it happen. The place is not currently set up to be much more than a casual mall attraction, but he also said he was looking at some newer equipment (albeit the same system) so I will keep an eye on this business with hopes that things progress and he is able to expand. Operating in a college town, I know this place has had a decent clientele and a location closer to the college would be great to keep that growing. So best of luck and I hope to tag at the new GlowTron before too long!

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