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Of Ankles and Averages

Ugh...Last night I twisted my ankle in the middle of playing tag. Not enough that I think I did any damage, but just enough that it's still sore a day later. Thankfully it happened during a game of Supercharge so my walking out mid-game to tend to it should not affect my average...which has already taken a few hits lately.

I missed the top ten board by what could only have been one placement based on how close my average was when I walked in the door last night. But close does not count and I vowed to step it up. The first game of the night someone suggested should be guys vs girls (although there were significantly less women in the room). Tom agreed to that, but pointed to me and said "just so you know, she's a member and she's really good." Flattering to hear, however that also made me a big ole target that game for the mob mentality for everyone on the other team to gang up against. Nothing like having to play hard and work up a sweat right out of the gate! :) However, true to my goal I did pull a decent score to help get that average back up. Most of the standard games were good (except for the last one of the night...sheesh!), but I had another objective in mind.

I have had to reschedule my southern states trip, but the plus side to this is that I may be able to pick up an extra event in a few weeks. For this I want to be practiced in a few of the special formats and last night I got my chance. I won a game of Highlander which was one of the formats I especially wanted to work on. My missiling has always been my Achilles heel, but I feel like it has been improving. Damon and I were the last two standing that game, but I had gotten the edge with a few more eliminations.

Ha...who was in that game who used the name BeanzHazNoChil ? I didn't see that before, but I'm giggling at it now. :)

Anyhow, a game I have played far less than that is Dead Aim and I suspected some practice with this format would serve me well also. I was in the red group, but when I heard the purple group was playing this I invited myself to the party...and made no friends. ;)

I didn't think too much about my score until Jared poked his head into the briefing room, looks at me and says "Damn!" and then Damon gave me props for it also. 17,694...ok, feeling pretty good about this format again. And this was after my ankle injury too!

Then the last game of the night people were a little rowdy (a group came over from the bar next door) and Jared was having none of it. So instead of playing Masters for the final game he gave up on trying to instruct them and just went with a standard game. I probably should not have signed in for this. After building up my standard scores this was a blow to my ankle, my average and my ego. Lesson learned...don't underestimate people who have been drinking before laser tag. Hmmm....that revelation suddenly puts a whole different spin of clarity on the 'geddons! ;)

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