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Another Case of Arena Identity Crisis

I recently paid a visit to Wood N Wheel in Ulster Park, NY as I was headed down to Long Island. I was fully expecting to play a game of Laserforce (which I did).

But when the woman behind the counter handed me this ticket…

I knew right away this was going to be another case of arena identity crisis. One of my personal pet peeves is when I see an arena that runs one laser tag system while using logos and branding from another… and I’ve noticed this the most with former Storm arenas. This was exactly the case here. I asked this woman about this inquiring whether they actually run Laser Storm (knowing the answer already) and completely without irony she said “no, we run laser tag”. (face palm…but a little humorous as I read that sentence back now)

Although they do run Laserforce (and I swear this was the first pack I picked up…the Legend pack just always finds me)…

…upon entering the arena there was no question in my mind. There was a maze of fabric barriers hanging from the ceiling.

Perhaps a Storm player can confirm this, but I assume that the term “Wilsoning” has to be a reference to peeking over one of these walls and being all “howdy neighbor!”

And I have to say it was something of a unique experience playing in this space using Laserforce. There are not mirrors per se, but there are several reflective surfaces which allowed tagging at unusual angles. Paul came with me for this trip and we both felt it was a fun game and a good midway point to stop on route to the rest of a weekend full of laser tag down on Long Island.

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