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Q-Zar NY

The main reason I wanted to tag on Long Island was to have a chance to visit Q-Zar NY. After having such a great time playing at Q-Zar in Concord, CA I wanted to experience the game again in a real arena (not just in a ‘geddon setting) and since the options are pretty limited (to Concord, CA, Carle Place, NY or Tampa, FL) this was the main catalyst for my weekend excursion.

Now, since the choices are few and far between I can really only compare between the NY and CA sites. NY definitely felt smaller. The lobby area was packed with people and it felt a little bit like we were sardines. After logging my info at the ipad station I made my way to the front to get game passes for the night.

There was a display set up at the counter with their merchandise.

The souvenir choices were a little more limited. I asked if they had t-shirts (they did not) and the guy behind the counter jokingly offered to sell me the one off his back for a dollar. This guy clearly didn’t expect me to say “SOLD!” :) I was hoping their selection would be more like what I purchased in Concord (because I wanted to get another metal Q-Zar water bottle), but I still found a few goodies to take home while waiting for the games to be called.

Once inside the briefing room I reviewed the map…

And we sat to watch the briefing video. Where in CA I was impressed with the video briefing that seemed contemporary and clear, this one was a little more cartoonish. I’m really not sure if these videos were produced by the company or by an individual connected with the site.

I felt pretty good about this game even though my score put me somewhere in the middle of the pack. That’s ok though. For the number of times I will ever get to play I was glad just to have an enjoyable time playing again without any pressure. I really wish there were more options because I think I could do well with this system if I had an opportunity to really practice.

By the time we were done playing Q-Zar I was exhausted from a full day of travel and tag…but after a chance to eat a late dinner and crash at the hotel I knew I would be ready for more tomorrow!

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