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A Little Tivia Magic at Power Play

When I visited the Power Play Entertainment Center in Shawnee, Kansas I bought a pass for laser tag and was told where to go wait in line for the next game. Even though there were plenty of people at this entertainment center enjoying the arcade and other attractions my timing was bad and I appeared to be the only one there for tag at the moment. So I approached a teenage employee and asked if there was any chance that a staff member might do a one on one game with me. Holding the company line, he replied exactly as he was taught and told me that unfortunately employees were not allowed to play against the public. I understood he was just following the policy rules of the site and I encounter this every now and again. So I nodded and asked if there was a manager I could speak to. That poor employee (Charlie) had a look on his face like he thought there was about to be a complaint. He quietly walked me across the arcade area and pointed to the manager, then quickly turned around and returned back to the laser tag area. Well, he was about to get an unexpected surprise.

I smiled and introduced myself to the manager, Jamie, and explained that I am a blogger from NY only passing through for a short time (as I had to return to Omaha at the end of this night). With a little charm and my unexpected story about what brought me there Jamie was more than happy to make an exception. So he walked with me back over to the laser tag area and right over to Charlie who looked a little unsure of what was about to happen. Jamie asked Charlie if he would play a game of laser tag with me. Charlie’s jaw dropped with total surprise as he said “yes, if you are giving me permission to”. Clearly he thought this was a thoroughly unexpected outcome for this young man who was not normally permitted to play against the public while he’s working.

He looked a little perplexed as we suited up. I asked if he wanted to know what just happened and he said yes, because this was normally not allowed. Just call it a little bit of Tivia magic. :) I told him what I said to Jamie and he seemed both a little relieved and really enthusiastic to be able to play against me. It was fun to see his reaction to all this and even more fun to get into the arena for a game of Laserforce. We entered the arena through this overhead door entrance.

There was an Aztec themed arena with a raised section (not quite what I’d call a second level) in the center of the map.

There were a few interesting touches including a walkway on one side and a cool waterfall effect. I scoped out the bases and the reactor pretty quickly during this game of cat and mouse.

Charlie gave a good chase and I enjoyed the game. I was surprised at the end that this was yet another round where I took all the available bases and the staffer took none, especially when the rest of the game was on point.

But regardless, it was an enjoyable game for me and most certainly so for this staff member who unexpectedly go the ok to play tag during his work day. Thanks for allowing me the chance to enjoy a game at Power Play!

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