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Galaxy Gaming

My next stop in South Dakota was to Galaxy Gaming in Sioux Falls.

I had a great time here, but unfortunately I have no idea what brand of tactical laser tag I was playing. They refer to it as Laser Combat, but I’m not certain (and neither were the employees) whether this was a manufacturer’s name I am unfamiliar with or an internal branding, so forgive my lack of specifics and please email me if you recognize this gear.

I was given the option of two phasers, one longer…

…and one shorter.

With a digital screen for game info and a red reload button.

I selected the shorter one because it seemed closer to the traditional phasers I am most comfortable with. Hailey gave me some instruction on how to play. Three circles of light are visible when you shoot and the goal is to triangulate your target point.

If you shoot an opponent five times they will be out of the game. Rather than having specific game times you can purchase the amount of time you wish to play and the teams change sides each time all opponents are tagged out. In this case I went up against Hailey and won the first round (we’ll focus on this small victory for a moment)…then I proceeded to lose the next three. More proof that tactical is just not my format. However, I did enjoy learning about the game and experiencing something different.

The arena was dimly lit with netting draped throughout and several wooden structures to use for cover.

It’s a very different experience to play in a tactical setting as opposed to a brighter, more colorful traditional arena. It feels like you’re stepping into a battle atmosphere. And the gear including headband and vest contribute to the whole vibe as well.

So even though I was playing more tactical tag this experience was completely different from my last one. I had a great time and took home a t-shirt that definitely looks like some serious gaming happened here. :) I thoroughly enjoyed playing at Galaxy Gaming!

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