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Ultrazone Sherman Oaks

Now THIS is an impressive arena!

When I got to Ultrazone Sherman Oaks it took me a couple of minutes to figure out where they were. It’s easy to identify the corner building where they are located.

However, to get to the arena you go up to the top of an open air mall with a beautiful porch area outside the arena overlooking the shopping area below.

At first glance the inside looks like a relatively small arcade. But once inside this arena is quite large and pretty unique.

The three bases are each housed in interesting structures to mark red…


And yellow…

But what is particularly interesting about this arena are the various connectors between the bases. From a long tunnel stretching nearly end to end…

To the reflective walls…

And mesh barriers…

This arena seems amazingly balanced considering the L shape design. I went in for a game with a mix of players of all ages, but while sitting in the briefing room my attention was drawn to a group of young guys in their late teens or early twenties. One of them looked like Spicoli jumped right off the movie screen and into this laser tag arena. They were the quintessential stereotype of “California dudes” and they looked like they typically owned this arena. So I knew this would be the group that would really give me a good game. It didn’t take long before Spicoli was gunning for me and calling in his friends for support, but I was on my game this round and not only took the top spot myself (playing this game as Reptar), but I kept his pack down so much that he was significantly lower than I could tell he was accustomed to (I don’t know about his friends, but this guy playing hard was on Surge).

So all in all this was a really enjoyable game because of both the quality of the arena and the competition and I walked away feeling like I had a genuine California tag experience.

One thing I know for sure is that New York weather was nothing like this while I was away!

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