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My 200th Laser Tag Arena

I wanted to celebrate the milestone of playing my 200th laser tag arena with friends, so I decided to make it happen at Scene 75 Cleveland.

My friends Jansen, Christine and Holly joined me.

We walked into a pretty impressive facility that Jansen dubbed as "Chuck E. Cheese for adults." With a bar in the center, a huge arcade area, go karts, mini-golf, virtual reality and more we had plenty of options in front of us. We started with Food Truck Alley.

Then we hit the laser tag arena.

Game master Anthony led us into the briefing room.

And then we suited up with the Gen 7 packs in the vesting room.

Time to play some tag! We entered a very uniquely designed double-level arena themed around with an old abandoned town theme.

The bases were housed in structures like this.

And there were beacons at various points at both ends of the lower level and one on the upper level. Although there were plenty of hiding nooks and wall areas to make the playing field of this large arena feel a little more compact it was simultaneously more open than I would have expected. For example, on the top level there were ample walls to duck behind, but the corners were so narrow they didn't actually provide much cover and there were many spots in that he arena where a sniper could place a clear shot virtually from one end to the other (at least on top, not as much on the lower level).

I asked about who designed this arena. What they could tell me is that the same designer does all of their arenas and like a hidden Easter egg each one has an image of this character (by my banner) painted somewhere within it.

I enjoyed introducing my friends to laser tag as this was a first for them. And they hooked me up with a little something to mark the milestone.

Then an opportunity presented itself for us to play a second round with a couple of public players accompanied by Anthony and manager Samantha. Everyone had a good time, but this was not an appropriate game for going all "try hard" so I held back a bit. But that only led to a further challenge and comparing of skill sets so I told Anthony that we needed to settle it with a one on one...his military training vs my level 6 experience. This was a GOOD match and my friends were watching the play by play on the screen outside. Well, a very solid game, but with a home field advantage this one went to Anthony...although I challenge him to a one on one rematch if ever he gets over to my home turf in Syracuse, lol! Great game!

The managers at Scene 75 were kind enough to send me back with a tag swag souvenir.

And remember the gift card from earlier? Well we put it to good use at the photo booth. :)

We all had a great time at Scene 75 Cleveland and I am so glad we were all there together as I checked off my 200th laser tag arena!

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