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League Begins: We Are The Mood Killers

The fall laser tag league in Syracuse got started this past weekend and if night one is any indication I think this is going to be a fun eight weeks. After updating our roster a couple of times we were ready to go in and have a good time playing some tag without taking ourselves too seriously, which I think is evident by our team name...we are "The Mood Killers". :)

Here is the roster list of the other teams involved. You can see by the levels that this is a pretty decently balanced group for the most part.

Actually, there's a decent amount of experienced players in this league, so overall the quality of games is good and so are the attitudes. We're playing three team standard games of Laserforce and that adds a different dynamic from the two team games that we play more frequently. I think it's a little early to think there are any team alliances forming, but I suspect a couple of the teams are riding similar thought trains. Ours is of the mindset to...let's just say "keep the status quo." :)

Each team is playing six intense games out of ten every night. On the first night each team took at least one first place finish and at least one third place. I could speculate on frontrunners, but it's still early. However, what I will say is that I am optimistic that this will be a worthwhile experience and that we will have a good time in the process of getting to the finals. Best of luck to all and let's play some tag!

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