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More Projection Walls

There was one main reason I was interested in playing tag at Hukoo's in Orlando...their projection walls. The last time I played at a site that used the projection mapping on white walls I was in Nebraska where they were only using static images projected on the walls with no video activation. In Nebraska they were really not using the technology to its fullest. However, at Hukoo's I got to really see the projection walls in action.

I arrived at the site and was a little unsure of what I'd encounter from the atmosphere. I bought my ticket and the guy behind the counter said I could get into a game of laser tag if I didn't mind playing with kids. You see, this is a VERY kid-oriented site (I've heard it's under new management, so I'm not sure if this was always the case) and I had to wait around for quite awhile before I was able to get into the arena. Sure enough, they put me in a game with a group of kids. However, this was fine because I was not there to play hard, I was there to see the walls.

In the vesting room I suited up with a Laserforce pack and there were two employees chatting. I could tell that these were the guys I really would have preferred to play against. I introduced myself to Jose (their resident "laser tag guru" from a tech perspective) and Chris who bragged to me that he was definitely the best laser tag player they have. I told them that I'd play this game, but would much prefer to wait it out and play against the two of them for some serious competition. Chris continued to go on to tell me that this was fine with him "if I wanted to lose" as he continued to play up his tag skills. Smile...I said "let's do this" (no doubt with a glint in my eye) and told him I was up for the challenge. I was ready to bring it on...but he backed down. His tune suddenly changed and he told me he just wasn't feeling well today or he would. I tried again, but I suspect that his declining to play had more with sensing that I was ready to bring a serious game if given the chance. Instead I just played a light round with the kids, paying attention and watching to see what would happen with the projection walls.

As it turns out, nothing happened because the projection is triggered by shooting a base and I was the only one in the arena who understood how to do that! The kids just rushed to the top and targeted each other without paying any attention to the four bases. And actually it turns out that the feature was not even turned on during that game. However, I could see the structure of the white walls and knew what should have happened.

So when the game was over I asked Jose about it and together we walked through the arena and he took video as I deactivated the various bases (since I couldn't see the walls while I was in the base structure). When I saw what had happened I was impressed and felt like this stop was absolutely worthwhile because of this...

These guys seemed surprised that I was taking such interest in their walls. One of them commented that the walls are really no big deal. But as this is only the second place I've found having them I found it VERY interesting and am glad I got the chance to see this for myself.

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