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Mixing It Up at Wildwood Highlands

When we walked into Wildwood Highlands it was obvious that this is a very popular local amusement attraction with a lot more to offer besides the laser tag that we had gone there to experience. With arcade, bumper cars, kids zone and more there is plenty of family fun here and a lot of different activities coming together. Ironically, there were also a lot of different laser tag messages coming together too! The system they were running was Zone Rift, but I really got a kick out of playing it in a Tron arena.

I really love the mixed imagery here. :) They had previously used the Lasertron system at this site so it made sense that they had kept the arena design.

However, Logan and I both recognized something that seemed out of place. How did a site that, according to Logan, never ran Lazer Runner end up with this Stargate?

It was interesting to find a little touch of three unrelated systems coming together at this site.

We entered a small game with a couple of younger players assisted by game master Jacob. Jacob was surprised by the way Logan and I played. When the game was over he was overly impressed and asked us how we got to be so good. Always a nice compliment. Logan answered "playing in tournaments" while I always say it's the result of "spending WAY too much time playing tag" (as if there's any such thing). When Jacob went back into the vortex to help retrieve a bracelet I had dropped Logan and I had to smile at the fact that he was so impressed with what we both considered to be marginal scores by our own standards at the end of a long day. What would he think if we were playing at our best? Lol...I guess it just goes to show that scores and perception of performance are all completely relative. But it was a fun time and I'm really glad I got to experience this site. And I got to take home some tag swag as well, so it was a very worthwhile stop.

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