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Because Perez Says...

If you checked out "Look Who's Tagging" (a new feature on my website) then you probably saw the video where Perez Hilton shouts out his recent laser tag experience saying "We just played it a week and a half ago in Miami at this venue in Wynwood called Fun Dimension". This is not why I chose Miami, but once I heard this I knew that visiting Fun Dimension in Wynwood, FL was an absolute must. You know, because Perez says so.

I must say I had some reservations about this place upon arrival as it appears to be in a part of town where there is more tagging happening with paint than with lasers. However, the small 1v1 game we played early in the day in the arena was enjoyable. After checking in and signing the waiver (and buying my t-shirt to show I was there...

...we were led to a combined briefing/vesting area to watch the Delta Strike briefing video and select from a wide variety of color choices. Then it was time to enter the arena.

If you have been following this blog for a while and would like to hazard a guess as to how many times I’ve taken a photo next to this same CW center structure then just drop me an email and I'll send you a wristband for playing the game. I have to laugh at just how many times I’ve seen it and I may actually have to go back and count for myself how many pics I have with this same structure in various laser tag arenas throughout the country.

But other than the overly familiar aesthetic the arena was nice. It’s small (I'm going to guesstimate it at around 2500 sq ft) and there are two raised turrets to give the arena some height with clear sight lines from one side to the other so long shots are fairly easy. The bases were not active although it was interesting to check them out though as this may be the first time I've seen a Delta Strike base in this particular arch style housing structure that I associate more with Zone and Force arenas (for no particular reason other than that's where I tend to see it the most).

And the game was fun. We let ourselves out (I have no idea where the game master was at the end of the game) and I took a couple more pics.

This place must be of some note in the area as not only did it get a mention from Perez Hilton, but as you can see on their website the band Imagine Dragons filmed their music video for Zero here on the Fun Dimension website.

Here are a few parts of the facility you might recognize from that video.

I had a nice time at Fun Dimension while in Miami. Perez, if you are ever in New York hit me up and I'll pick the arena, lol!

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