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Crazy from the Heat

Sigh, It’s raining again…

However, over this past weekend it was beautiful! We FINALLY got a really nice weather weekend in New York and the temperatures were actually starting to feel like summer. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was a little crazy from this heat, but I certainly came up with a few things that were crazy to do considering the heat! Starting with this…

The mobile laser tag unit was out at one of our local community festivals this weekend and since I was already there doing the parade you know I had to stop by. Instead of hanging out for the entire afternoon I just opted to get in one game for good measure. If you think it’s hot outside the mobile arena you should feel it inside. It’s like an oven! So, I guess what would have been even more crazy than that would be to play game after game like I might have otherwise. However, in spite of the heat everybody absolutely loved it. Kudos to Zac and Lenny for braving the heat repeatedly while they took groups of players in every few minutes and in this community I imagine many people were experiencing laser tag for the first time as a result of the mobile unit, so I really appreciate that they were there. I know that it’s probably not easy to do all afternoon long, but this is such a great addition to any event and I’m glad that the festival organizers brought it back for a second year.

Next crazy thing…putting on leggings in this weather!

Once I heard that Laser Quest was launching a new line of wearables (via TeeSpring) I had to order a few things in honor of my new tag “quest” to play at all their current U.S. centers. So, this is what happens when everything shows up all on the same day…I turn myself into a walking billboard! When the weather is a bit cooler these leggings will fill a gap in my wardrobe for sure. Maybe just not on a day this hot! Although if I put some iced tea in that mug then we’re good to go.

And the final crazy from the heat thing that happened this weekend was that I dressed up my gecko as a Photon Warrior for the XP Laser Sport Pet Appreciation Week photo contest.

OK, if you’re going to get technical, I actually dressed him up with this tiny Photon helmet and phaser about a week ago (and, yeah, I’m a crazy gecko-mom any day of the week so I really didn’t need the heat as an excuse to blame for this miniature photo op). But the contest culminated this weekend, so I’m throwing it in here anyway.

Leon became a finalist in the photo contest (yay!), but as of this posting they have not yet announced the results of the weekend vote among their customers. FYI, XP has what I believe is one of the last four (modified) Photon Alpha fields left in the country, so if you are in the Maryland area it is definitely worth paying a visit!

So, after reading all that…crazy from the heat or just crazy about tag? :)

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