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One, Two, Three Doors Down The Road

The weather has been beautiful lately and that was part of why I decided to make a trip to Lake George area to laser tag. In this touristy area I figured it would give a boost to the three laser tag arenas in town, which are all happen to be located on the same road (route 9) pretty much just one, two and three doors down from each other. I decided it would be interesting to mix things up a bit.

So I decided that I'd play at all three arenas, beginning with my favorite, Adventure Family Fun. I was glad to start the night with an intense round against my sparring partner Tyler. This arena is big enough to be interesting and small enough that you can have good quality small games. And I needed some intense tag in a different venue.

Tyler incidentally doesn't use a codename, but he does use a hip-hop name, Young Trae Boogy (which, let's face it, would be a good tag codename too). If you want to check out his latest here's a link to his song "Love The Muse"...

Something there is resonating right now.

So the night was off and running. I know I've taken pictures of this arena before and typically focused on the most impressive elements, of the upper level, but I realized that there was something notable on the lower level too...

How have I not mentioned those walls?!

Even though I've played all three of these arenas before, I decided this would be a good night to focus on things I haven't showcased as much, so when I went to play Lake George Lanes and Games as my second arena of the night I thought I'd take more pics of the artistry inside the maze.

And then my third arena was a stop over to the Fun Spot. However, there are only so many ways to show you a Tron arena that I've already shared.

The group I played with here gave me a good game, but also reminded me that a little Tron goes a long way. I needed to get in a little more CyberBlast. By the time I returned to Adventure Family Fun later in the night I was just in time for a small, final game that had a twist. When I walked in a father and his young son were just entering the vesting room. I asked how they wanted to divide up and the dad jokingly tolls me that once they were in the arena they were strangers. So I suggested to the boy that I would team up with him and he enthusiastically agreed. This game was played VERY differently. I found myself enjoying being a tag tutor since it was just us at the end of the night. I showed the young boy where the bases were and how to destroy a base so he got plenty of points. Then we went off to find our opponent. When we found him I'd stand back and let the boy take the shot. Occasionally I'd step behind a wall and if he needed help I'd get the shot for him (letting him take the satisfaction and the credit) and when the game was over he was able to claim victory over his dad. :) It was a sweet way to end the night tagging at all three Lake George arenas.

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