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Armageddon 2019 - Day 1

The first day of the Armageddon 2019 tournament took place beginning right here in my own backyard…that is to say at my own home site in Syracuse. However, it really feels like the whole thing is basically in my backyard because all the sites are relatively nearby in upstate New York in Pennsylvania locations where I have played many times before. This time I’m playing as part of Team Purple Nurple. Even though I’m really not wild about the team name, I am very happy to be playing with this awesome group of teammates.

Day one of the event began with Q-Zar.

Now, I’ll just put it upfront and say our team was the underdog today, so I’m not going to dwell on total results. I am going to say that I felt really good about my personal growth with this system that I hardly ever get to play. I felt like I made a pretty decent showing and am glad that I got to play Q-Zar again at this tournament because Armageddon 2015 was where I played this system for the very first time. Our team suited up and got ready to go into six rounds of competition during the first half of the day.

I enjoyed meeting some new players for the first time like Lucy who is joining us from overseas.

Looking at the course of a few games, although we had varying degrees of success with the system among our own team players I definitely felt like everyone really gave it a good run, especially those who were brand new to Q-Zar. This was my best game personally and after checking out the stats I learned that I had the top Q-Zar average on our team for this system, so that’s why I am feeling pretty good about the end of this round of the tournament. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gotten to play Q-Zar outside of ‘geddon events, so as someone who barely ever gets to touch the equipment I am considering this to be a personal victory.

I also appreciated RNT’s positive comments about my playing well by holding the phaser steady as opposed to swiping it with a lot of extra movement.

After the lunch break we got ready for Laser Storm.

This is another system I don’t get to play very often and this felt like more of an uphill battle. I got a few last minute tips for the team messaged to me from the owner of Laser Storm. We played with heart, but fell a bit short of our goals for this system. But at least we had fun!

I really enjoy getting to play Laser Storm even though it is not my forte at this point.

Perhaps you’ll notice that I changed my t-shirt between events. Sanch told me before my first Armageddon that I should bring an extra t-shirt...I thought he just meant one! But I have learned along the journey that you have to be prepared for everything, so this tournament I am bringing a t-shirt from each system we are playing and will wear that shirt during it’s corresponding round.

Tomorrow we move on to Lasertron and as there are several experienced Tron players on this team I look forward to seeing what tomorrow has in store!

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