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Too Much Tag Nearly Killed Me…Let’s Do It Again!

Just kidding…there’s no such thing as too much tag. However, after returning from my most recent (and amazing) tag travels I have too many stories to write up all at once, so I’ll be gradually adding posts over the next few days. Let me just give you a quick overview of why I am so tired this week!

On Thursday I woke up before the sun at 2:30 AM to get ready to leave for the airport to fly to Philadelphia and then make a connecting flight to Atlanta. As soon as I got into my car I looked down at my phone to see a notice that the Atlanta flight had been cancelled. But all I could do was press onward with faith and optimism that I would somehow end up where I needed to be and that happened time and time again.

I got to Atlanta on Thursday and spent the whole day at a site in Peachtree, GA. The next morning I was up by 3:30 to catch my flight out of Atlanta and end up across the country in Salt Lake City. I arrived around noon, grabbed a sushi lunch and then proceeded to play at several sites, not even spending 24 hours there before heading back to the SLC airport to catch a red-eye flight back to the east coast at midnight.

That flight arrived in Charlotte early on Saturday morning. From there I flew into Akron/Canton and got the rental car with which I would drive back to New York. I played more tag before a very unexpected detour to pick up some Q-Zar packs (more on that later) and because I was driving back I was able to take them home with me. After spending the final part of Saturday night in Ohio I drove to my hotel in Erie, PA before getting up early enough to play one game of tactical in Buffalo before playing beat the clock to get the rental car back to Syracuse on time so that I could play in the laser tag league with my team back in ‘cuse on Sunday night. I didn’t get home until around 11:00 Sunday night and then had to go to work the next day.

Four days, four states, twelve laser tag arenas…not my personal record, but still a lot for a weekend.

That’s why right now I look like this…

…and the posts will be added as soon as I can sit down and process what just happened! Great trip though and thanks to all who were a part of the adventure. :)

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