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What’s New At Home

With all my recent travels I haven’t written much about what’s going on at my home sites, but there have been a few new additions in both Syracuse and Albany.

In Syracuse it’s “all about the base” (pun intended) as three new base style targets have been added throughout the arena...and this is now the center of the universe, lol.

What I mean by that is this is the one spot in the arena where you can pivot with one foot never leaving the floor and hit all three targets. I know because I did exactly that.

Since this site has upgraded to Gen 8 equipment these targets are repurposing some of the old Gen 6 packs, which I think is very smart.

What do they do within the game? Well, the colors change and mean different things. If it’s blue you tag it for points value. If it’s green it’s a multiplier. Yellow is invulnerability, red is rapid fire. And if it’s a solid color chase it’s the equivalent of an extra base, although (like Z bases) when it’s a base you lose points until the third shot although as an extra bonus you receive rapid fire when you get it. And the rainbow chase activated the generator to radiation storm. At least these were the settings for the first weekend they were added.

Initially I wasn’t a fan of all these extra targets because it seems to me that if you are aware of them you can just cycle through them repeatedly for points rather than actually focusing on the game. Although I have rethought that opinion for two reasons. First, the points values are currently set so low that it probably isn’t a huge factor. It’s like passing dollars to chase pennies if you pay too much attention to them. Second, I enjoy having targets like this in other systems (like Zone) where it does augment the game, so I think I just need to acclimate to something new in my home arena and I’ll likely appreciate them the same way.

And speaking of Zone, what’s new in Albany? I guess it’s been a little while since my last visit because since then they have added a new observation monitor to watch the games going on inside the arena.

I asked when this was added and Justin told me it’s been there for about three months. Where does the time go and how is it possible that I had been away from ZG that long? All I can say is it was a really busy summer! I only got to Queensbury once this whole year and now the season is over. But so much has been happening and I have more tag travels that I’m looking forward to. But as much as I enjoy visiting other sites throughout the country these past couple of weeks have been a good reminder that there’s no place like your tag home.

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