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Tagging with Turtle Power

Sometimes walking into a laser tag arena feels like you’re entering a live action video game. Other times it’s more like exploring the labyrinth of a maze. Occasionally, it even feels like you’re going into a (friendly) battle. However, when I first entered the laser tag arena at Level Up Entertainment in Columbia, MO it felt to me like I was stepping into a movie set. In my opinion, what this site did best was execute a theme that I have not seen done before (and that’s quite an accomplishment because at this point I think I’ve seen just about all the standard CW themes). This one has a touch of “turtle power” (while being careful not to be so overt that it crosses any copyright lines). But you immediately get the idea when you see all the pizza everywhere!

The two things that really make this particular arena pop are the unique design elements and the lighting. Lighting really makes such a difference! Check out how these effects really work hand in hand.

And did I mention all the pizza?

This arena uses Zone Helios packs and so I looked forward to the game and my first move was to seek out the base housing…which I found decorated like a pizza parlor complete with awning, open sign and menu posted on the outer walls (detailed right down to the A restaurant rating on the window).

There were also plenty of targets lit up throughout the arena. The best view was from the raised bridge against the back wall of the arena. Again, it was the little details that made this feel more like a movie set than a typical laser tag arena.

This is definitely a place that I can see would have tremendous appeal, especially to a young player base. This arena was just a lot of fun overall and a great way to begin the rest of my weekend of tag travels. Many thanks to Nick, Dana and the staff at Level Up for kickstarting my day tagging with some turtle power!

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