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Supporting Scholarships with Kids Chance of Arkansas

Sometimes laser tag can be more than just a great game for players of all ages to enjoy. It can also be a means to make a difference and benefit a really worthwhile cause. Kids Chance of Arkansas recently hosted a bowling/laser tag tournament fundraiser at Fast Lane Entertainment in Lowell, AR where supporters gathered for a night of food, fun and competition and utilized the appeal of both laser tag and bowling to raise a nice sum to benefit their educational scholarships.

Since 2001 Kids Chance of Arkansas has had the mission of providing scholarships to the dependents of deceased and permanently totally disabled workers from compensable Arkansas workers compensation claims. I recognize that scholarships can make a tremendous difference in a young person’s life, so I was very excited to be able to support this excellent cause while also enjoying a great night of laser tag.

The event participants enjoyed some social time with delicious food and drinks at the beginning of the night as the bowling tournament got underway on lanes sponsored by several generous corporate supporters. There were some really fun and creative awards presented to keep the competition lighthearted and entertaining.

Since I know nothing about bowling, I took some time to warm up with a few practice laser tag games and get familiar with the arena prior to the laser tag tournament getting underway. I had been adopted onto Team Genex and thought I’d take a tour of the arena and make a video to share a few tips with my teammates.

Everyone gathered in the vesting room and put on the Gen 8 Laserforce packs.

Although the event had several sponsored teams signed up with full rosters, the dropping of some players necessitated changing the tournament from a team event to a solo competition. However, that was fine because everyone who played was still looking forward to getting into the arena and having a great time. And we learned a little bit about attire in the arena…

Fast Lanes has a really impressive arena. It’s huge! I’ll call it two levels, although there is a case to be made for saying there is a mid-level as well. This space has an urban warfare theme and includes three bases and two beacons, but the most notable targets are definitely the helicopter and skeleton riding a tank that you can tag, but they can tag you as well.

We played some solo competition and then did randomized teams just for fun while the results were determined. There were some equally fun and creative awards prepared for the laser tag tournament.

I was awarded the Hot Shot award for earning the top score of the night tagging on behalf of Genex Services. Randy Hulin of One Call won the Sharp Shooter award for high accuracy and Laura Cruce of ArcBest took home the Sitting Duck award.

By the end of the evening the event had successfully raised over $4000 in support of educational scholarships and everyone had a blast!

It was great to meet some wonderful people like Kim and the players from Genex who were so welcoming to me. I’d also like to thank Melisa Yopp and all the volunteers who helped make this event such a success. I had such a terrific time and was so pleased to be a part of an event where laser tag could be a part of helping to make a positive difference to the future recipients of these Kids Chance of Arkansas scholarships. To learn more about Kids Chance of Arkansas visit

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