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For what will soon become obvious reasons, I am not going to identify this next arena. I paid a visit to a place where I could have had a great experience, but instead I witnessed a whole lot of things going wrong that could have been avoided if there had been an attentive staff member minding the game. So unfortunately, this next stop becomes a cautionary tale.

I paid a visit to an arena that is part of a larger entertainment complex and they were quite busy that day. When I got to the front of the line the staff member in the front offered to let me join in the game of laser tag that had just gone in. This sounded perfect, so he led me to the vesting area where there was a game master in the room and I took note of the monitors they had for observing the activity in the arena. I suited up and went into the game. To be fair, I was not present for any safety briefing, but I take for granted that one probably took place before my arrival. If so, there were a few players who did not get the message and unfortunately, I did not see any staff member in the arena to enforce the rules. Here are the things that I observed that left me shaking my head.

I crossed paths with some kids (young enough to call kids, but old enough to know better) who were chasing each other around at a full run. That’s a fairly common occurrence, but one that can be quickly remedied if a marshal is doing their job. That was the least egregious thing I witnessed. I saw one kid climb up on top of the walls in order to perch from a place of height…ON TOP OF THE WALLS! Seriously, how thick are most of these walls, four to six inches at most? Unacceptable. I saw another kid find a cut out “window” on another wall and he stepped right onto the ledge of that window to get enough height to boost himself up. Then the final SMH moment was with the assist of a man who I presume was the kid’s father. The dad took a little kid and boosted him up ON TOP OF A BARREL that was as tall as the guy was!

Sitting on top of a tall barrel? This is no place for a kid to be playing laser tag, but that is the kind of thing that was happening right in front of my eyes.

Personal responsibility has to come into play at some point and these players made the poor decisions, but I also think the site should be responsible for having staff members attentive enough to watch the game and stop such activities from taking place. And that’s why I am not even giving this site a shout out, but I will shout out the players and the parent involved and here it goes: This is unacceptable laser tag behavior. The end.

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