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A Detour to Defiance

With some time to spare on the morning of Tag 4 A Cause I made a detour towards Defiance, OH to make a stop at Putt Putt Golf and Games. As early as I arrived I was hoping to be able to get in a game with their Laserforce Gen 7 gear. I was glad to have Haleigh on board for a 1v1 to get my day started.

Before we went into the arena I also got to meet the owner, Lisa, who I had called back in October with intentions of visiting this site then, however travel guidelines meant I had to put this visit off, so I was glad to finally make it work.

This is a really cute little arena! It is small, but a very nice space and a perfect accent to a mini golf site. It’s a level and a half square space with a CW arena build.

There are two beacons and two bases.

The game felt like it played at a faster pace (though not supercharge) and it was a fun warm up for the day!

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