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A Great Way To Fill a Few Idle Hours

I have been maintaining a list (or in actuality a wall map marked with push pins) of a good number of laser tag locations that I have plans to visit once travel restrictions loosen up a bit. Well, with the recent news of Pennsylvania lifting some of their rules, the timing was perfect for making a day trip into the neighboring state and part of that trip included checking one of those sites off my list by paying a visit to Idle Hours South in Scranton, PA.

Idle Hours South (formerly known as the South Side Bowl) may be better known as a bowling alley, but Philip (the manager) told me they took out six lanes in order to make room for building the 3200 square foot arena and incorporating Laserforce Gen 8. The laser tag is a new addition to their line-up of attractions as of May 2019. I took some time to walk around their two-level arena and was very impressed! There are two lower-level bases and one on the balcony-style half upper-level. Half the arena is hidden from view when you are on the top level, so there is cover if you need it, but most of the lower level is in clear view from up top. The CW design aesthetic was familiar, but what stood out the most was the lighting, which really makes it pop.

If you play tag at this site you had better not be afraid of snakes, since the cobra heads mark the base towers and snakes are a prominent part of the theming of this arena.

Philip and I suited up for a 1v1 game to start, which gave me a chance to earn another traveling achievement on my LF membership (my first one in well over a year).

It was a great time, although this game is always better with more people. So of course it was even more fun once this group of ladies joined us, enthusiastic and ready to have a good time!

This was an interesting game as ten players were divided into five teams of two. This variation on the standard format was at the group’s request and everyone really enjoyed. Philip teamed up with me so that we would have an even number of players and I knew how the game was likely to turn out, so I thought I’d offer a little motivation. I had a couple of my Tiviachick “Laser Tagging America” wristbands with me and offered them up as a prize to whichever team (other than mine) won or got closest. Boy, did THAT get them motivated! Big props to the Ice Team whose score was the next highest to ours. And big thanks to all these women for coming out to play some tag and making it a lot of fun.

Idle Hours South has a really great laser tag arena that is just getting up and running again in the wake of the pandemic. I’m quite certain that once people discover this site they will build a following and a member base very quickly. It’s obvious that people are wanting to get back to resuming some normal aspects of life including returning to their favorite forms of entertainment. Now that laser tag is part of the picture, I’m sure Idle Hours South will see them return in force…or perhaps it’s more accurate to say in “Laserforce!”

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