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A Literal “Fort” Night

Somehow I didn’t make it to Lake George even once during the summer (which is unusual), so instead I got my fill of lights, lasers, forts and fun all in one winter’s night!

We ventured to Lake George Lanes and Games for some Cyber Blast inside their “Adirondack fort” themed arena.

I like this space, but I always feel like I am playing backstage at a drama club production because the theming is mostly two-dimensional wooden cutouts, as you can get a sense of here.

The shapes and design of the treetops, cannons and other elements are not exactly realistic, but the space does evoke a different kind of feel when you are playing, so I don’t say that as a criticism, but rather an observation of this being a completely different style choice.

This arena scores points with me for having a unique theme that harkens back to the local area. I always appreciate thought-out customization over “cookie cutter” theming and this fort theming is an execution of it unlike any other arena I have seen. The fort design is apropos, especially considering its proximity to the Fort William Henry Historic Fortress, which was hosting an intriguing interactive light/art/music winter exhibit at the real fort located in town.

So after a couple of laser tag games, it was time to check out a Winter’s Dream, making this a real “fort” night (pun absolutely intended) as the entire thing was showcased inside the actual fort! I enjoyed this exhibit that had multiple installations to explore along a self-guided pathway. Although this attraction had absolutely nothing to do with laser tag, I did appreciate the amazing lights and artistry that would make for some incredible arena theming if used in a different context. Actually, my thought at every turn was “how cool would THIS be in a laser tag arena!” Here are a couple of examples of what impressed me most.

The shower of light beams in the “first snow” exhibit were exceptional. It is almost impossible to go overboard with lighting effects and these were definitely the impressive thing I saw!

These globe lights (intending to represent moons) had subtle color changes and were a way to make the scene a bit more dramatic.

The frozen pond featured dynamic lighting that moved with the sound effects, brightening and dimming in perfect synchronicity.

And the chasing lights along the treetops were engaging and set a mood simply, but very effectively.

If I saw features like this incorporated into a laser tag arena I would be incredibly impressed. All around, this was a really engaging night where I saw things both in and out of the arena setting that really made me really take note. It was inspiring. While my tag travels have been quieter over the last month, I think it is time to get back to some laser tag exploration, so get ready. Lots more is on the way!

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