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A Little Scallywag Tag

Sometimes the pirate ship theme can be a tough one to execute well without it coming off a little cheesy, but Scallywag Tag in Cincinnati, OH really did a great job with it! They run CyberBlast and my first impression from seeing the small briefing room/half vesting area was that this was going to be a very kiddie oriented game and arena, but I was pleasantly surprised when we entered the arena and I found that the entire top level was built out as the deck of a majestic looking ship.

The arena is decently sized and the showpiece pirate ship is completely functional playing space, not just decorative.

Once again, I cringed to see stairs in the arena (three sets no less), but the ship was built up quite high, so this probably is a practical access point for getting to the top.

I went in with six other players including two guys who were focusing on each other and didn’t really seem to notice me…at first.

The two story arena was so large that with the handful of players in this group it was easy to have some “solo space” to stay tucked away. I liked the view from the bow of the ship.

Walking the perimeter of the top level gave me a good view of everything and because I love to tag from a distance this helped me take those guys off guard.

I did my sniper thing from one end of the arena to the other under the codename Capt Kidd and I overheard the guys commenting “whoever that is, she has amazing accuracy!” Things like that make me smile. Truth be told, my accuracy wasn’t really all that great this game, but I did pull MVP…and wildest trigger. Lol, whatever gets it done, right?

Seriously though, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Scallywag Tag. The arena is unique and memorable and the experience was one I would love to repeat.

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