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A Real Hidden Gem

Play Atlantis in Melvindale, MI is really what I consider to be a hidden gem of a laser tag arena.

This is essentially a stand-alone laser tag arena with arcade and snack bar, the way they used to be. However, as more and more laser tag is being incorporated into larger family entertainment centers with every attraction conceivable under one roof, arenas like this are becoming more few and far between, so it was a delight to see one still putting the focus on laser tag.

The arena itself is big! Two full levels are accessible by ramp with the upper level’s playable area essentially creating a perimeter overlooking the lower level.

I was told they upgraded their equipment rather recently as staff member Thomas took me to the vesting area to suit up with a Cyber Blast pack. At this point in the trip I had no idea just how much Cyber Blast I would end up playing before the weekend was over!

I explored the arena a bit, taking note of the bases on the bottom level…

…and the top!

The entire space was a fully constructed arena, which feels very different than some of the cookie cutter wall piece arenas I have played recently. I really love the neon look which is bright and fun!

Let me draw your attention to one decorative accent I love. So simple, but so effective, check out how neon painted strings look like permanent laser beams shooting across the arena when they are lit by black lights.

I even talked about how much I love this DIY effect during my presentation at the Laser Tag Convention.

I understand from the staff that the building was previously a pallet warehouse before it became a laser tag arena. That transition must have taken place a while ago. Based on a few indicators I can tell that this place must have previously operated using Laser Storm. How do I know? Well, this panel was a tip off.

But this energizer in the corner clinches it.

Of course, this is of no bearing to their current system, but I got a giggle taking a photo trying to “energize” a Blast phaser. Hey Logan, why won’t this work, lol?!

Just kidding. But in all seriousness, the old-school feel is a real asset to making this arena distinctive and unique, which I appreciate more and more as I play in the sea of FECs out there. That’s why I feel it is one of Michigan’s real hidden gems for laser tag.

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