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All Dressed Up!

I love when an arena is all dressed up and decked out with the latest accessories (just like me on a night out!) so I was really impressed with what I experienced at The Summit in Thornton, CO.

I perused the arena map before donning a Helios Pro pack and going in for a game.

They are really stepping it up at The Summit! I played at one of their sister locations my last time through the area and I do not recall them having all that I found in this arena. First, the arena itself is stunning. Creative Works clearly did a REALLY nice job with this one!

Next, I found all the Zone add-ons that I enjoy including lots of bonus targets, gates and pickup pads on each side.

And to my absolute delight…VIDEO BASES!!!

These are the upgrades I like the most on this system. Interestingly, considering all the things they opted for, I did not see the one add-on that quite frankly I’m not a big fan of, which is the game station. Sorry, but in my opinion trivia just does not belong in an arena…but drop the R because Tivia does, lol!

This arena looks brand new to me. Haydon told me it has only been there for about three years. The timeline tells me they have certainly put some new things in over the course of that time period and it has been well worth it because this arena was great to play and I would definitely remember this as one to return to.

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