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Amusement Expo Trade Show

By all accounts this appeared to be one of the busiest year’s at the Amusement Expo trade show. I spent two days visiting with and interviewing laser tag manufacturers out on the show floor, seeing what they were excited to share and getting advice from the professionals for laser tag operators.

You’ll be able to hear from all these manufacturers on an upcoming episode of the podcast. But for now, check out scenes from the show floor as I visited with reps from all the laser tag companies in attendance.

My morning began with a chat with Mike Ewald from Laser Blast, who shared a bit about both Cyber Blast and their new Putt Mania golf game.

At the iCOMBAT booth I interviewed Branden Mijokovic, but no sooner did I pause to pose with their laser tag irShotgun did I get a fun photobomb from Ocie!

Brian Sytkowski with Battle Company was impressed with the number of attendees out on the show floor as they showcased their Battle Rifle Pros.

Lazer Runner’s Shannon Carriere is pleased with customer reactions to their phaser Gen 4 design.

Chris Epstein from Laserforce is always ready to talk tag and discuss the features of their Gen 8 gear.

Simon Willett’s from Zone had their newest base design on display at their booth where they showcased the Begeara and Helios 2 products they brought to the show.

And Shane Zimmerman from Delta Strike is always up for an interview as well as we discussed their Genesis equipment and where to play.

I also enjoy getting perspective from the arena designers. I complimented Russ Van Natta of Creative Works on the insights he added during the education panels.

Showing off our manicures has become a recent show tradition for Jenna, Carrie and me. The photobombing from Jack was new!

Besides the products showcased by the laser tag manufacturers, there were two things on the floor that I am going to keep an eye on. The first is still in its early development stages, but I spent some time chatting with Jon and Cally from Wizard Tag, who are working to incorporate a laser-tag kind of game element into a mystical wand. I’m intrigued to see how they progress.

I was also impressed with the new Betson VR Raw Thrills Godzilla attraction. There was a targeting element (not laser tag, but still involving some aim) and I enjoyed the experience.

There was so much to see and experience at this year’s Amusement Expo International trade show and I was glad to see so much laser tag represented.

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