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An All Star Experience

When I’m on the road I particularly enjoy finding laser tag located inside a mall. It’s sad to see so many shopping malls disappearing and I always enjoy a little shopping before and after a game. So when I stopped in to All Star Bowling and Entertainment of West Valley City, UT and was told I could join a game in 20 minutes I used that as an opportunity to explore the Valley Fair Mall. Pro shopping tip…have your items set aside until after your laser tag game is done.

When I finally got into my game it was a three way battle against Stephanie and Lindsey.

Lindsey was ready to play…Stephanie was ready to WIN so it was great to have a challenge. However, I figured out something about this Laserforce arena that the other two seemed not to know. In addition to bases, there were additional target with points up for grabs. However, what I would normally expect to act like a generator or living arena challenge did something unusual here. These targets were just perpetually responding point targets here!

What was up with the endlessly respawning generator? It looks like a living arena, but no sounds and it never did more than be recyclable easy points. So with a quick quadruple shot sequence every time I passed I had this game easily sewn up because of this one feature. It was similar to the unlimited base deacs I experienced elsewhere early on in my trip.

As a result my score was quite high (though we all know that can sometimes happen artificially like it did here) and I leisurely took my tags while meandering through this CW arena. It had a pretty common theme (in fact, not even the first time seeing it this trip).

The notable feature was the raised platform in the center which makes for almost a “stage” in the middle of the action. Basically, its a 1 1/2 level arena. There was a clear view of everything on the main level from this structure.

What’s going on here with this gate with nothing in it?

It does not matter, it was still lots of fun. I thank the ladies for a well-fought game (I loved Stephanie’s over the top reactions to being tagged!) and I was glad to have a chance to visit this All Star Bowling and Entertainment location.

And now…more shopping!

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