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An “Incredible” Incentive

What motivates a laser tag player to take their performance up a notch in a game? Honor? Glory? Or maybe an “incredible” incentive like…a sticker! I guess it takes less than you would think to motivate me, lol.

I went through a security check as I entered the St. Louis Incredible Pizza Company. It’s unfortunate we live in a world where this is necessary, but I do appreciate their efforts to keep customers safe. I then headed to the game room and, as I caught a quiet window of time and was the only one at this particular attraction, I prepared to play some Laserforce Gen 7 against a staff member. Nothing too serious, right?

Well, we both played WAY harder than you would have thought necessary, traversing the single level CW arena with a familiar design. I appreciated getting a better game than I expected at this stop. After all, the stakes were “incredibly” high, lol!

Spoiler…I won the sticker for having outscored that staff member. So that’s what I will call my “incredible incentive” before enjoying an incredible buffet. Well, that may be overselling it a bit, but it was nice to sit down and enjoy a bite to eat, especially after a full day of travel and tag. By this point in the day I had worked up an appetite and I think this is the first time I’ve actually eaten at an Incredible Pizza. It really hit the spot and having a chance to take a break was nice. I enjoyed the atmosphere.

And I enjoyed the spoils of victory. :)

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