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Anytime is a Great Time for Laser Tag!

The first time I ever played laser tag at a Main Event I was in Kentucky and I remember being astounded that at that time I could get into a game at 9:00 am on a Monday morning. Well, I found myself equally astounded to be able to play a great game with 19 players at the Main Event in Oklahoma City at 11:15 pm on a Monday night! Who would have guessed!

We entered the vesting area and found the Delta Strike Genesis packs glowing in their vibrant rainbow colors.

I am still finding it to be a novelty when I come across these packs rather than Evolution, although by now I suppose I should be considering this more of the norm. The thing is, because Main Event locations are all nearly identical, I have just come to expect to find the same thing time and time again. However, this one had the newer packs and also had one more thing that caught my attention.

This is different! This wall decor caught my eye immediately. Maybe this would be a different experience after all! It takes so little to make an experience feel fresh.

I entered the arena with a group of 19 players. They appeared to be college aged, so maybe students? They played vigorously (especially for that hour) and I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience!

Although I admit I have occasionally panned Main Event as being basically the same experience every time, this one really proved me wrong. This was definitely a better than average experience and kind of game that would make me want to come back. Whatever it is that keeps Oklahoma City nightlife hopping on the weeknights, it made for a great late night game of laser tag and the perfect end to my trip. Even though I would have to be up at 3 AM to catch my flight home, it was totally worth it to spend the later hours of Monday night tagging with this awesome group at Main Event, Oklahoma City!

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