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Armageddon Adventures - Day 2

I had played more Blast over the course of two days in Michigan than I have I quite some time, so I felt good about the first system of Armageddon Day 2.

Upon our arrival at Zap Zone Brighton we took a bit of time to explore the bright (and BIG) arena space where we would play a two-second shot speed elimination format.

We found our greatest success while sniping from across the arena from the green side, as there are two clearly delineated sections on the upper level where there is decent cover from behind a wall (even though there was also a lot of shot bouncing too!) so we took our entire team to that side.

Cookie was our team MVP of this system, taking the first place individual ranking while up against some VERY experienced Blast players! We may not have been able to sweep that particular game, but he definitely took some people by surprise!

Our next game in we won against Galactic Longshots and at the end of that game Cookie made a very astute observation. He said that, even as a first time Blast player he did well because elimination Bladt plays very similarly to Lasertron solo shields up down, only with longer downtime. As our team was heavy with Tron players, that was a great way to approach this format.

Kassidy made an excellent point about something else we had going for us. In a game format where “last man standing” is important, how nice that we had the one player who could never be found in the arena. Do you see Snake Eyes? Neither do we!

There was one game where we learned from a loss in a game that we might have been able to take, but the other team’s strategy made the difference. They sent one to two players over to the side we were holding to simply be distractions. While dealing with those players we exhausted valuable lives and they sniped from the other side while we were otherwise occupied. Props to them for a strategy that worked and cost us.

Following the Blast competition, we had a long drive to get to Skyway Laser Storm in Warren, OH. I hit the road early and stopped for lunch and (shocker!) more laser tag at another location along the way.

When we all got to Skyway we were primed for more tag, having been on the road for the majority of the day.

A few of our teammates were playing Storm for the very first time, so yes, we were probably the underdogs in this system. However, we did have some very close games. The real heartbreaker was this one where we were leading for most of the game and then it flipped by the slimmest of margins in the last 30 seconds. When the timer ran out this game appeared tied, but once everyone had uploaded their scores at the recharger we lost this one by only two points…TWO POINTS!!!

We continued to play hard through all the rounds of competition.

There were some other games where individual players carried and we really couldn’t do anything to beat Logan and Jabber, but if you look at the performance of everyone else in this game, I was proud of how well we performed. We made a strong showing and we can take heart in that!

And when all was said and done it was time to decompress, chill a bit on the lawn and get some food from the snack bar to sustain us until we got to the hotel.

Another full day of Armageddon in the books. Now it was time to rest up before the next day of competition!

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