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Armageddon Day One: Headin’ to ‘Geddon

There is so much to say about Armageddon 2023, I barely know where to begin! I proudly played on the team that very aptly (and ironically) got its name directly from our indecision about a name. I was once again “in charge” of designing our team T-shirts, but by the time I needed to finish the design we had not yet landed on a name, so I included a placeholder that simply fit…and that’s how we became “Not In Charge”.

So that set the tone for just chilling and having a good time as we played our way through the first day, a 14 hour endurance test as we competed in four systems all at one location. Big thanks to Kynytyx in Bellport, NY on Long Island for being excellent hosts for the day’s competitions.

I played alongside some awesome teammates including Scuba (our team captain, Steve), Dark Angel (Ricky), SandmanRD (Dallas), Ski Patrol (Dave) ShadowDragon (Emily), Havoc (Sean), Woz (Kassidy) and Cookie (Chris).

This pic gives you an idea of how we all approached the day, from Dallas taking a nap to Dave setting the mood with the party lights! But, when it was game time we were ready to shift into gear.

We started with Q-Zar, a system which I have grown to enjoy more and more over the years, even though the opportunities to play have become far less plentiful.

We had a couple of nice victories with Q-Zar early on.

We took early wins over Plausible Deniability and The Consultants, which was a great way to begin the day.

I also got some personal satisfaction from top scoring for my team when we played against Depends How We Finish. Now, The Brit was on that team and there is simply no taking him down in this system, so we did not win that game, but I was pleased to have pulled a score that tied their next best player and resulted in some nice nods of appreciation. Sometimes those personal victories mean more than just the final outcome.

Inside the arena we played hard, but kept our moods chill.

Next up was Laser Storm.

This is sometimes referred to as the "dustbuster" system because of the shape of the phaser, so of course Scuba and Ski Patrol were "vacuuming" right from the start.

Time to play some Storm!

Now, there were two Storm games where the outcome turned on some unusual events. We did tie with Depends in one game, so there was a partial point in our score for the day. However, it was another game that was…sigh…tough to swallow. I congratulate Plausible Deniability and do not intend for this to take anything away from their win, but I had an equipment issue that I believe really impacted the result of this game. My pack had absolutely no sound. On this system that has no pack lights, sound is EVERYTHING, so of course I reported it and Logan came in mid-game to tech my pack while I was still wearing it. That took me out of the game for about a minute. Why did that matter? Look at the scores.

We lost that game by ONE POINT! From the scores I put up with a broken pack, I know that had I not lost that time (which ended up not fixing the problem anyway) that we could have made up that one point difference between the win and the loss. Sigh…it is what it is.

Moving on…Battle Company tactical tag was next and Marc Mueller came in with his gear and demonstrated as RNT gave a briefing.

Our team did well right out of the gate.

We took wins in our first two tactical games.

This system was not the easiest for all the traditional players to transition into, but it added some points to our total and after breaking for lunch everyone was in a much better mood for the remaining games!

Then came Laserforce.

I played the commander position in every game and found myself last one standing just about every time.

The first game I made it to the last :45 seconds of the game before being found.

Prior to that I took all my bases and dropped three nukes, but as the last player standing I got rushed by all the opponents at once. Well, I would have been more pleased with this if I could have held on a few seconds longer, but I was at least satisfied for awhile with how long I managed to keep this going.

A couple of games were significantly harder once our resupply were taken out. In our second game I got lots of props for being elusive in the arena, but I was out of shots when the ammo was eliminated. I had a TON of lives, but with no shots and no resupply left I just led a parade around the arena! There’s not much left to do when it’s one against eight and they already have a lock on you. 00Fatness and I shared a laugh about how I was just power-walking around everyone for steps, lol.

In the final game both Woz and I were the last ones alive at the end. No ammo in the game means we were both just hiding, but there is something to be said for staying stealth and staying in the game. I was being actively hunted down, but we think the other team simply forgot that Woz was still in there too, lol!

So, I had Woz with me in the last game, but in every other game all the other players on my team were taken out early and I had to simply stay in it despite having full teams chasing me down, so I’ll just take satisfaction from how long I managed to stay in the game and make them run after me.

At the end of 14 hours of laser tag I was really ready to call it a day, but what a full day it was to kick off Armageddon 2023!

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