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Crossfire at Track 21

For as much laser tag as I play, you might think I have experienced most of the special game formats available on a variety of systems. However, since many arenas stick to the standard games this is not always the case. Although I thought I had played most Laserforce games simply by virtue of being a member in Syracuse, I did get a chance to try something for the first time while visiting Track 21 in Houston, TX.

I enjoy playing Gen 6 because it was the first Laserforce that I ever played, but up until this point I cannot specifically recall playing the game they call Crossfire. I put on a pack and got ready to play.

The game master gave a briefing, but from her description it sounded like we were about to do team standard, so it wasn’t until the game was underway that I noticed something different was happening.

As there were only six of us playing, she requested that we limit ourselves to playing in the lower level, so I did not get to see how this arena played on the upper level beyond this ramp.

So instead I headed for the bases. My first indication that something was unusual was that the bases were off.

So I just focused on tags throughout the rest of the lower level floor.

That’s when I discovered that it was taking significantly more tags than usual to deactivate the other players. Welcome to Crossfire!

I clarified the instructions and learned that in Crossfire you have to tag your opponent 10 times to deactivate them. That was actually quite fun and added a more interesting dynamic! Almost like the LF equivalent of how Delta Strike typically plays. Since LF does have a few emulation games I wonder if this was the inspiration for this format?

Regardless, it was fun to do something a little different and I really enjoyed my experience playing at Track 21.

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