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Custom Carpeting Steals the Show

I know the last thing you think would catch my attention at an arena would be the carpeting, but hold the phone! Check out what I found inside the briefing room at Playtime Arcade and Bar in Wentzville, MO!

O-M-G, I want this for my house!!!

I told the game master I really wanted to take photos of the carpet after the game was done and I’m pretty sure she thought I was out of my mind (which we can’t necessarily rule out), but you can see why pics of this floor were a must.

I have seen lots of custom carpeting in the arenas I’ve visited before, but never seen it done like this before and it made a big impression on me right away. I tried striking a pose to do an “angel wing” pic against the pack, but that was unflattering on the floor. Idea time: how about making a photo backdrop out of this?

So after I finished gawking at the floors, I looked up to find the arena was an impressively done pirate ship theme with lots of cool accents including these treasure chest props.

There is a second level is balcony-style mezzanine that is fully playable.

And it gives a nice view of the total picture from above.

Video bases were active points of interest under the housings in each of the far corners.

The game was great, enjoying some Delta Strike Evolution.

But when I think back on my visit I will mostly remember this.

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