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Final Stop in Nebraska

Sun Valley Lanes and Games in Lincoln, NE was my final stop this trip. It was getting late by the time I arrived and apparently I had just missed the chance to play with a large group by about half an hour. When I walked up to the counter and said I’d like to play a game of laser tag the manager chuckled and noted my shirt (I really need to market this merch!) and said nobody was available to play, but he’d try to round up someone to play against me. Alex stepped up for the challenge and joined me in what I would have to say was the best looking arena I played during this trip.

Alex led me over to the Combat Zone entrance.

We headed into the vesting room and put on our CyberBlast packs.

Then I had one of the best 1v1 games I’ve played in awhile, as he really got into it and gave me a good challenge!

The game was a great time and I spent the first half of it exploring the double-level arena space. There was a lot going on here! Of course there were the typical Blast bases and bonus targets scattered throughout, but seeing not one, but two projection targets (one by each ramp in opposite corners) impressed me.

I took note of a trivia station, but did not actually utilize it during the game. Regardless of the system, my opinion has always been that trivia is an unnecessary interruption to the actual game of laser tag. However, its presence in the arena tells me they were going for all the bells and whistles, which I do appreciate.

And the space itself looks good and plays well. I love to play in a sharp dressed arena and this one definitely had some impressive aesthetics.

Although I’ve seen many of these design elements before, I really liked the configuration of the whole space. It works and was fun.

I thank Alex for giving me a run for my money! I never mind playing a 1v1 if my sparring partner gives me some good competition, which was certainly the case here. It definitely was worth detouring out of my way to get to experience laser tag at Sun Valley Lanes and Games. What a nice way to round out my trip to Nebraska!

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