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Heading to Utah for Some Fiesta Fun

I ended up with an unexpected free day in my schedule prior to the convention, so I continued on towards St. George, UT where my first stop was to Fiesta Fun Center.

I took a look around and there were a lot people out enjoying the activities here on a Monday night. I’m pleased to see so many of the locations I visited this trip have enough business to sustain good weekday hours. I headed over to the laser tag and got ready to see what was behind door number one.

Inside I found the rack of Helios vests and put one on.

And since I’m wearing Helios here, it seems like a good time to mention a bit of news. I recently adopted a new little sweetheart, this leopard gecko who I have named Heli…short for Helios!

But back to the Helios at hand, I entered the arena to find another familiar CW aesthetic with a double level build. The walls were common, but the faces painted on the walls added the most distinctive part of the arena design.

The upper level has metal barriers and a very open floor plan overlooking all sides of the arena and space in the middle to look down over the center structure. Easy targeting from many angles.

There was not a lot that really stood out about this particular arena, although I always enjoy getting to play Helios because I really love the Nexus-style phaser. However, I did take note of one thing that I really liked and would love to see more arenas include, which was the lighting along the sides of the ramps.

Each ramp has lighting to match the team color of the base that the ramp is leading you to. It helps identify sections of the arena and it also seems like a really good safety feature to make it easier to see the slope of the ramp and the points where it wraps around. The lighting was brightly vivid and I was the most impressed with this one feature.

I thanked them for a great time before continuing on, glad to have had the chance to experience some “fiesta fun” at Fiesta Fun Center.

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