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I Brake for Runners and I Break for (Lazer) Runner

Most of the time a game of Lazer Runner played in a bowling alley is pretty much exactly what you expect, but I did find a couple of interesting things during the game I played at Jackson Bowling and Skating Family Fun Center in Tennessee.

Two other women showed up at exactly the same time I did, not to bowl, but specifically to do something different. It was their first game of laser tag, so the game we played was light and fun. We were handed our vests and one of the women said it’s just like her old job at Walmart with a price scanner…so true! To her that was what do that most about the phaser, but for me it was something else that caught my eye. I am not sure what version of Lazer Runner we were playing, but the theater was crystal clear with bright LED lights and a partial black silicone covering. It was sharp looking and (though I lose track, so who knows) might have been a different generation of the gear than I have played before.

It’s played VERY well and very smoothly! I noticed that one wall of the arena was a full mirror and I played around with bouncing some tags off of the reflection. This was also a first for me with this particular system, which sends and receives signal a bit differently, so for some reason I found this more entertaining than I should have, lol. Or maybe I just liked seeing my own reflection (and the reflection of the full arena behind me).

This was a typical Runner arena, only without any bases.

Although it was not extraordinary, it was very enjoyable and a nice place to take a break on route to Kentucky. More on that to come!

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