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In the Meantime, In-Between Time (Part 2)

Following night 2 of the tournament I set off once again to find more laser tag in the off hours during the day. My main destination for this side quest will be getting its own spotlight. However, I was joined by my teammate, Noah, for the trip to Delaware and we decided to visit a couple of smaller arenas on our way back.

Mid-County Lanes in Middletown, DE is a site I had played previously during my first effort to tag all 50 states, so I probably last played there six or seven years ago when they had Runner. At that time they appeared to be the only arena operating in the entire state. However, since that time quite a bit has changed and they have stepped up to Zone Helios CE. After having played so much highly competitive tag for the last two nights we were ready to just relax and play something purely for fun.

Fun is exactly what we got here! We joined a group of eight players for a game that I really needed right about then. This was a reminder that tag does not have to be serious all the time and we just ran around that arena burning off steam and having a great time!

Although this site does not count again for my arena list, I’m so glad we stopped to play a game at Mid-County Lanes because the experience was way more fun this time around!

That was our first stop on the trip back. However, our second stop left a lot to be desired. We headed to a different FEC in another city not too far away. I’m not going to name this other location because the experience was not impressive at all and I don’t want our (hopefully) isolated experience there to reflect on the good name of the chain…besides, Noah already left a Yelp review. All I’ll say is that employees can make or break an experience and once a customer has a bad experience you are unlikely to get that customer back, especially when there is a better experience nearby, like the one we had earlier in the day. But at least we got in one more game to wrap up the day before we returned for night three of the tournament competition.

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