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Iowa Adventures in Tron

The next two arenas in my travels through Iowa involved Lasertron.

The first stop was to Great Escape (NOT the theme park), a bowling alley and fun center recently purchased by Bowlero in Pleasant Hill, IA.

Knowing that Bowlero had acquired this site, I was expecting to play Zone, but considering how new the arena looked I suppose a system changeover was probably  not considered a necessity, so I geared up for some Tron instead.

As our small group of five prepared to enter the arena a young kid around 12 years old very emphatically let me know he was going to destroy me in this game. I think the comment was more for his older brother’s benefit, but was definitely directed my way. I smiled at the trash talk, knowing a bit better how this was about to go, but kind of hoping he could back up his bravado as well.

In a shields up/down free for all game we enjoyed chasing each other around this sharp looking arena with sectors and bonus targets brightly lit.

Although the bonus targets were explained, I seemed to be the only one aware of them.

There was a very shallow ramp leading to a slightly raised area, though for all intents and purposes I viewed this as a single level arena.

We played two five minute games and everyone congratulated each other on a good game at the end.

Then I was off to my next Iowa adventure in Lasertron at Perfect Games in Ames, IA. My thanks to the manager for accommodating me upon arrival.

This was another nice Tron field, but a completely different arena build. It had a smaller footprint, but compensated with height as ramps from opposite corners led to a nice second level that really gave it a nice feeling of ample space.

This time we played one seven minute game and again the bonus targets made a big difference.

I would love to enjoy more Lasertron experiences like this, as in both arenas I got to play some really fun games in sharp looking (but completely different) sector arenas and they were both a great time!

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