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Jokey’s Revenge

When my trip to Ohio was complete I started my drive back to New York, very happy to have had so many wonderful laser tag experiences over the weekend. When I was only a couple of hours away from Rochester I remembered there was a tournament event happening that night at Lasertron and my GPS confirmed I could probably get there (just barely) in time to play. The only problem was I had not originally planned on being back in time and therefore had no team.

Well, never one to let a little thing like that stop me, I put the word out that I was available to be a pick-up player and I was on the team called Jokey’s Revenge by the time I was an hour away. So, I would end the trip with one more laser tag experience. Also, Lasertron would become the eighth system I’d have played in this one weekend, making this trip kind of like my own personal mini-geddon! I rolled in with about ten minutes to to spare.

I’m not really sure that “tournament” is the right word for what happens at Lasertron, but it’s a good excuse to visit with friends. I found Emily as soon as I arrived and we caught up a bit, then we’re joined by our other teammates, Don and Brendan.

I did not know it until we checked in, but this team was already in third place and that meant that going in we had already qualified for the semi-finals. But here’s the reason I have trouble calling it a real tournament…much like the first time I played in one of these events, that meant nothing because EVERYONE played in the semi-final game. Out of eight teams there, two teams had gotten the buy right to finals and the other six teams competed for four spots to move forward. That means this tournament consisted of exactly two games that night.

We did advance to finals, but then there was a problem. During the final game Emily’s pack had an issue. None of her tags were registering, but tags against her were so she became Storm right away. Of course she reported it, but by that time we were over a minute into the game so nothing would be done. So she set her sights on a new goal while the rest of us tried to stay alive. Brendan and Don were taken out next. I was proud of myself for lasting the longest in the game and being the last member of my team to be taken out. However, ultimately I was deactivated and we did not place. Ah, well…still not a bad way to end the weekend!

The silver lining was that Emily’s unfortunate pack situation did result in her winning Purple Storm and I know how much she loves purple medals!

My congratulations to the teams that placed. 3rd place went to CDragon, 2nd place to Pew Pew Crew and 1st place to Justice.

This was a nice break from the long drive, but when it was over I was ready to get back home and I spent the remainder of my drive back contemplating what a full and wonderful laser tag weekend I enjoyed.

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