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Laser Storm Draft Tournament with Tag 4 A Cause

Skyway Laser Storm was the site for a draft tournament that drew players from several states (and even Canada!) to partake in some unique laser tag competition. This was simultaneously the host location for my most recent Tag 4 A Cause event in support of Action Against Hunger. Players who donated to the cause competed in a high score trophy challenge following the main team tournament competition, so there was a full day of laser tag for everyone to enjoy.

The tournament began with the draft, dividing players into five six-player teams with experienced and novice Laser Storm players balanced on each team. I was on the Creep1nx team playing alongside Emma, Professor Shaggy, Creep1nx, Ninja Master and FieroGt.

Meanwhile I was set up with a Tag 4 A Cause table in the lobby, encouraging players to donate to the cause, pledge to laser tag 5K (which at a tournament should be easy to accomplish) and earn their 5K medal.

My thanks to the players who stepped up to help the cause and accept the challenge!

The five teams were divided like this…

When our team was called into our first game we were at a bit of a disadvantage. Some unfortunate circumstances took a couple of players out of the tournament at the last minute.

This left us with an uneven number of players and a team of five until Shaggy arrived to join us. But by our second game we had a full roster and were able to bounce back with a win against the Reflex team.

I really enjoyed the draft format at this event because it gave players from different laser tag backgrounds and experience levels a chance to play together and learn more about the unique style of playing Laser Storm through the process.

The games are also really interesting to watch from the observation deck where you can really see what is happening.

Throughout the round robin series of games players examined scorecards and compared performance with the more veteran Laser Storm players. There continued to be more challenge and more support for the cause.

This was an excellent learning experience coupled with some really enjoyable competition. When the tournament was complete, Rave (who had stepped in to run the event) announced the placements.

Dominator’s team took first place. The team I was on with Creep1nx came in second and there was a tie for third place between Lanari and Rave’s teams. How did that happen? It goes back to the very first game of the tournament, a nail-biter that ended like this.

So right from the start, this event had lots of interesting things going on!

As the team competition concluded, we got ready for the Tag 4 A Cause side event. Players who had supported the cause were randomly divided into one of two qualifier games.

The players with the top ten scores out of these games would move on to a bonus final round for one more chance to pull the high score. The trophy would be awarded to the highest individual score from any of the three side event games.

The top ten gathered around the fundraising goal thermometer to proudly share the news that Tag 4 A Cause raised over $500 this quarter in support of Action Against Hunger.

When all the games were over, the top score belonged to Aidan Stewart who took home the custom golden phaser trophy. Congratulations!

My thanks to everyone who helped us Tag 4 A Cause with donations to Action Against Hunger. You can learn more at

Thanks also to George Raptis for coordinating the tournament in advance and providing the use of his arena for everyone to enjoy this Laser Storm event.

And final thanks go to my teammates and all the tournament players for being awesome people to hang out with and making this Laser Storm draft tournament so much fun!

I love that we have been able to successfully combine laser tag and fundraising to use the game we all love as a vehicle for helping to make a difference. I can’t wait to return to Skyway Laser Storm. See you there!

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