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Laser Tag at the Dentist's Office

On my recent trip to Colorado, I got off the plane in Denver and immediately drove to the dentist's office. No worries, this was not due to any issue with my teeth. It was actually to check out a really unique concept at Perfect Teeth for Kids in Centennial, CO where they have a complete arcade and laser tag arena available as a reward that kids can earn following a great check-up or dental procedure.

I had to check this out!

There’s a sense of whimsy and fun at this office from the moment you walk through the door and find the other “patients” sitting throughout the lobby.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Summer Marczuk, the Director of Pediatrics, as well as the office manager, Paige, who invited me to take a look around.

I entered “The Smile Zone” where they have an arcade that could rival a few FECs that I’ve been to with a full assortment of games and even a prize redemption counter! Kids can earn points to use here, which certainly makes for a great incentive for those kids to practice good dental hygiene and look forward to their visit to the dentist.

The full laser tag arena really amazed me. This was an impressive arena that could stand alone as an attraction all by itself! Summer told me that these attractions were added about nine months ago and not only is it something the kids look forward to, but a first in concept also. Their Dental Touch Smiles office located in Delaware has had an arcade for over ten years, but Perfect Teeth in Centennial is the first and (at present) the only one of their 240 affiliated dental offices nationwide to have added laser tag, making it a really special place to visit.

I was excited to try out some laser tag equipment by LaserTag.Net. It’s not often that I come across a system that I have not played before, so I was particularly intrigued to try out this gear during a one-on-one game against Summer.

Three tags will deactivate a player, however they can respawn throughout the game. Although versions of this system can be played with a vest, here they use a cross body sash of sensors and stand-alone FALCON laser tag phasers.

After playing some laser tag I was able to tour the dental practice and learn more about what they do here. With four doctors available (two pediatric dentists and two orthodontists) they are able to take care of check-ups, orthodontics, preventative, fillings, emergency and restoration for patients in their exam areas that are full of fun decorative touches as well.

I am thoroughly impressed with the ingenuity of adding laser tag as an incentive for kids to have a great dental check-up. Perfect Teeth for Kids is a place I would want to visit myself and I appreciate them allowing me to experience “The Smile Zone” upon my arrival in Colorado. Many thanks!

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