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Looks Can Be Deceiving

When you show up to play at a laser tag arena after work wearing a cute little polka dot dress nobody takes you seriously…until… :)

After all, in my work clothes I probably appear a bit out of place and perhaps I might even look like the least prepared player out of this formidable group who played the other night at The Family Fun Factory in New Hartford, NY.

Well, looks can be deceiving!

I stopped in for a game while I was nearby and the timing worked out well because I got to play with this group of staff members who were all very good competitors and they made me work to earn it this night! We had a blast playing a color-ranked free for all. I give big props to the two guys who (briefly) stole first place away at various points during the game. They made it interesting and an enjoyable challenge. We had a great time! And OK, I’ll admit there is also a little personal satisfaction at the end of a game when you walk out alongside teenagers who are shaking their heads saying “how??? HOW???”, but all in good fun.

So what made me stop in on a random weeknight? Well, I was already right across the street at the local awards shop getting these trophies made for the upcoming Tag 4 A Cause nights planned for next month in Indiana.

Want to win one during either of the event nights or earn the quarterly medal anytime, at any laser tag arena while donating to support the American Red Cross Disaster Relief? Find all the info about Tag 4 A Cause here:

I challenge you to Tag 4 A Cause…and bonus points if you also accomplish it while laser tagging in a polka dot dress!

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