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My New “Main” Goal

Paying a visit to Main Event of Highlands Ranch, CO made me realize it may just be be time to set a new goal. Remember how in 2019 I was attempting to play every Laser Quest in North America? BTW, I got to all that remained in the United States at that time, but then had five left to go in Canada when the pandemic shut them all the Laser Quest sites down permanently. Well, that just shows that there is no time like the present to set and go for a goal.

So I took stock of my arena count list to discover that I have already played at 12 Main Event locations and it appears from checking state by state on their website that there are currently a total of 15 in the U.S., eight of which have laser tag arenas that I have yet to visit. Interesting fact, Orlando is their only location without laser tag. I learned that first hand when I was down there in 2019 and just re-confirmed it by phone. So now my new goal is clear…I am going to attempt to play laser tag at every Main Event in America!

I will not put a timeline to this goal because there are way too many variables with travel still, but my visit to Main Event Highlands Ranch does bring me a step closer.

Because Main Event arenas do not vary much in design between locations I took my typical poses where I do every time to add to my collection.

However, I must say that this one somehow appeared to be a bit brighter and more colorful and included a few nicer accents than some other locations. Even following the same basic model, I do notice a few distinctive accents that vary between arenas.

When I arrived for my game I ended up playing with two family groups that had kids so of course I did not play hard against them. These games are always best when everyone has a good time. So I just went up and down the ramps getting my steps in and letting them use me as a target :)

I particularly wanted to up my steps on the heels of the big breakfast I enjoyed at the start of this day when I met up in Denver with a fellow East Coast laser tagger Lucian and his wife Priyangka.

We VERY highly recommend the breakfast banana split made with fruit and yogurt at Sam’s #3 in downtown Denver.

It’s always great to catch up with laser tag players I know from around the country, and just perfect timing that we both coincidentally were in Denver at the same time! So between breakfast with friends and a visit to Main Event Highlands Ranch my day was off to a very good start!

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