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My Phaser Valentine

This week I received something really special. My Phaser Valentine! Actually, this is a one of a kind trophy that arrived on my doorstep, my belated prize from winning last year’s Laser Trooper Valentine’s Day Tournament. Talk about totally worth the wait!

Let’s hop into the “way-back machine” and remember back to a much happier point in time...I’m talking about February of last year, right before the world really started to change. I had taken first place in the very first Valentine’s Day Massacre solo laser tag tournament at Laser Trooper in Topeka, KS and had one of my most memorable travel adventures that weekend. This was actually the very first Laser Trooper tournament to ever take place in the United States. I remember making the spur-of-the-moment decision to rent a car and drive to Kansas when all the flights were cancelled due to bad weather on the east coast (and I arrived with only a half hour to spare before the event), making new friends with the other players which amazingly included someone from my hometown (what are the odds!), meeting up with friends in Kansas the next day and then proceeding on to even more laser tag sites and another tournament in Missouri before returning home. Sigh...those are some of my best memories of how life and travel used to be for me pre-pandemic.

The night of the tournament I was told that they were having a trophy custom made and they would send it to me in the mail...and then the pandemic happened. Obviously with lockdowns, temporary closures and the availability of the trophy to be customized during this time the arrival of the award encountered a bit of a delay, but I can honestly say that this was absolutely worth the wait! This trophy is a really special addition to both my trophy shelf and my laser tag collection. :)

Thank you to Kip and the team at Laser Trooper for having this completely original trophy made for me from an actual Laser Trooper phaser shell. He informs me this is the only one of its kind in the world. That is in no way an overstatement considering his business location remains the only place in the entire country where you can play laser tag using the Laser Trooper system and (at last I knew) is one of only three such locations in the world. So beyond commemorating the achievement of that night, it is also a remarkable addition to my collection of laser tag gear.

I notice and appreciate the little details like the addition of the souvenir game token from that event being added on the back.

Thanks also for the other special goodies included in the package.

To me this trophy represents more than just the tournament event itself. As we are coming up on Valentine’s Day once again I am remembering back to that night nearly a year ago and all the things I was able to do just before everything changed. It makes me appreciate all those positive things that happened last year rather than only focusing only on the challenges we faced in 2020. I am thankful for the souvenirs and the wonderful memories of the laser tag experiences I have had including this very special one from Laser Trooper.

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