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My T-Shirt

Last week I’m in my radio studio at work, belting along with the song on the air. Yes, people are watching me through the giant plate glass window…no, I don’t care! :) The song is Thomas Rhett “T-Shirt” and that starts my mind free associating down a path where I start to wonder “whatever happened to my t-shirt from Laser Tag of Baton Rouge?” That used to be one of my favorites and I haven’t seen it or worn it in quite awhile. And with that thought I decided it was time for me to do something I have intended to do for awhile…organize my laser tag t-shirt collection!

If you own a laser tag center and are not currently selling t-shirts to promote your business I think you are missing an opportunity. Everywhere I go I inquire to see if I can buy a t-shirt as a souvenir of my visit and I frequently have people comment on my tag shirts when I wear them out and about. They are better than free advertising in that a customer who purchases a shirt has paid YOU for the privilege of promoting your business on their back.

I took pictures of each shirt as I organized it and will update the “tag swag” section of my website shortly, but for now here’s a little peek at my tag t-shirt collection from laser tag sites across the country.

These shirts overflow three storage bins and don’t even account for everything!

I remember being on a team once where one player didn’t want to buy the event shirt because he said that he already had way too many tag shirts at home. That comment makes me wonder how many others out there have astoundingly large collections of laser tag t-shirts too!

Going through these shirts was a bit of a trip down memory lane. With each one I remembered my visit to the site, lamented the loss of those centers that are no longer in business and nostalgically reminisced about good friends and experiences I have had along the way. Laser tag is so more than just a game…to me it will always be bigger than that and I’m glad I had a chance to bring back so many cool souvenirs from along the journey.

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