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New Year’s Preparation

So many people decide to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year and improved fitness is one of the most popular. I decided to get a jump on that this past weekend by tracking my fitness in the arena a bit differently than I did a few weeks ago. I used to just rely on my Fitbit or the app on my phone to know how much activity I got during a game of laser tag. However, for the last two weeks I have been enjoying using the new fitness tracking feature on the Laserforce phasers in use at my home arena.

At the end of every game I see an on-screen report of how many steps I took, how many miles I traveled and how many calories I burned. As you can see, within the first three games I played I moved just over a mile in total.

And while I felt the tracker was a bit conservative with the calorie estimates, the distance was pretty close to what I usually expect to cover in a typical game based on my previous tracking methods.

Ok, let me just say that of course I know the “real” count is going to be a little bit different for everyone. I don’t expect the same measurement to apply equally to someone my size vs a little kid or to a big guy. But as a general tool to get people thinking about the fitness benefits of laser tag and estimating with some consistent standard of measurement, I am impressed with this latest addition to the Gen 8 repertoire.

So two weeks in a row I tracked my progress and what I can tell you is just being aware of my step count is a huge motivator to try to move more. My typical routine has been disrupted over the last couple of months, so I am realizing I have to consciously make an effort to get it back on track. Returning to regular weekend tag nights is definitely a part of that and this new method of fitness tracking just may be exactly what I need to keep my focus on health as I laser tag my way into next year! :)

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