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No Trouble in River City

No trouble in River City! Of course, I was looking to play laser tag, not billiards (throwback to the Music Man if you didn’t catch the reference) at River City Extreme in Monticello, MN.

Well, almost anyway. We did have a couple of false starts with the Nexus packs, but the staff member I played against did what he could to fix the issues and we were off and running with a nice 1v1 game in this double level arena.

I apologize for what I do when I’m hangry. I did go into this game playing a bit hard. However, I backed off a bit because I was not quite sure what to make of my opponent, a nice kid who reminded me of a particular character from a movie. My confusion with him? Well, first, he openly admitted to me he’s never played laser tag or arcade games here even though he has worked here for three months.


My first reaction to that was to lighten up and to offer up some tips. But then he starts breaking out some odd phaser holds for someone who has just told me he has never played. When I saw him throwing back of wrist sensor touches, I called him out on his claim that he never plays tag. He said he was just rusty because it had been nine months since he played, just at another center, where he played quite a bit.

Hmmm…ok then. I ratcheted my level back up again.

I finished the game wondering two things…why would you not play at the center where you work? And also, why would you ever tell me that? I chalk it up to the kid had a good heart and a decent level of experience, but a complete lack of filter (also like the movie character he reminded me of). However, in the end all I cared about was that he dusted off the skills and we had an enjoyable game of laser tag.

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